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SaranaDChrissy Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist
I'm happy to be here, because you are AWESOME
SleeplessNight10 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
If I could ask are you the people from the Foam Adventure video on youtube?
Starmuttani Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013
Yes, we were! 

I do want to ask you to keep things civil here. I rather not hear anything from a crowd of trollers who seeks for a fight because that video gives them "brain tumors" or that we "should die" or any sort of death threats or inquiring about my IQ. You can see that it has gotten old after a while.

You can understand why I'm wary.

Thank you very much! :3
SleeplessNight10 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
While I do know those people in the comments are a bit extreme they're kind of justified as it was very rude behavior you two displayed in those videos, fooling around with products in the store, yelling at people driving by, and yelling at people in the parking lot and in the hotel you we're staying at. You two need to know when it's not the internet and know how to behave properly when in public. (Side note: You two have become sort of infamous on 4chan with that video which is appearing on every "Autism" thread the board /v/, and also appearing 1st on a list someone made of Autistic videos, though you probably already know that.)
Starmuttani Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013
No amount of silly behavior is justified with rude comments and/or wishing death of a person.

Regardless, I do appreciate that you have gone beyond that type of immaturity and make a good point. I wish to make a counter-argument [because when I said that we've heard it all before, I meant that we DEFINITELY have heard it all before]:

"it was very rude behavior you two displayed in those videos"

I'm not going to lie, we were totally being obnoxious on purpose and we were trying to ham it up for a comedic effect. That's what people do on camera, people generally act stupid for the sake of entertainment. That was the entire point of the video. We are more than happy to express an heartfelt sincere apology to everyone we have annoyed.

Case to point, I also hope you have taken the time to go around on YouTube to anyone who made videos of themselves disturbing the public, like we supposedly did, to tell them that it was very rude to have harmless fun. Go to Magic Rahant and tell him to stop doing his magic tricks to Fast Food employees because he is being rude and disturbing their job. Go to P.Diddy [cosplayer of Dead Pool] channel and tell him to stop messing with people at anime conventions because he is being rude and disturbing their con-experience. Go to YouTube and type in "Walmart" and tell the people who are taking stranger's photos without their permission and making fun of their appearances to stop that because it is rude and disturbing. 

Me and Riley made this video in hopes of making people laugh at our expense, because according to the popularity, that's how you make a good video that people want to watch again and again.

"fooling around with products in the store"

I'm not sure why this is a big deal. We did not leave a mess. We weren't being loud enough nor were we taking up too much space to disturb any nearby customers. We entered the store with the purpose of getting one item and left with nothing else but the said item. In fact, once the camera goes off, we resume to act like any other normal person. The entire trip through the store, driving to the dorms, and hanging out in the room took hours... Yet there was only 10 [if not 20] minutes of pure stupidity in many random places. I know, trying to imagine us acting as normal people must be so far-fetched of a concept, but I promise that we know how to behave ourselves in most cases. We have not even shouted "foam" since that year, because god forbid, the fad did get old very quick. 

"yelling at people in the parking lot and in the hotel you we're staying at"

First of all, that hotel is actually a college dorm building! And you know who stays at a college dorm? That's right, a bunch of other just-as-stupid teenagers with a taste of freedom away from home! Dumb behavior is pretty common in those kind of locations unfortunately, so I doubt that what we were doing weren't anything new to these strangers.

Second of all, I was purposefully yelling at the people in the parking lot in an attempt to get attention and if you judge my reaction ["they didn't hear me. d*mmit"], they did not acknowledge that we were there. 

And third of all, not a single soul even cared what were even doing from the time spent getting out of the car and to the room. People in the computer lab only gave us a glance before resuming their activities. The person at the front desk was the RA of that college dorm building was probably not doing much on that clearly slow day. People who have entered our room are obvious friends of ours.  

Other things to take note of:

-> The woman was at the cut table at the store was doing her job to aid us, the only reason why I was laughing in that scene was because she got 'foam dust' in her eyes when I ALSO had 'foam dust' in mine! Further more, if you paid close attention in the end of that shot, you could vaguely hear her starting to talk. She was actually asking us what we plan to do with the foam and we had a pleasant chat before we took the foam up front to pay. If she was unhappy, she wouldn't be trying to make a conversation. Not to mention, you will see that I actually helped her roll the foam back up and fixed the sign when it fell to the floor.

And lastly [don't worry, we're almost done here!], we have not done anything "dangerous" by the laws of the road. 

-> If you will notice in the video, us shouting "WE GOT FOOOOAAMMM!" at people usually yield little to no reactions. We're just as annoying as screaming school children, but you don't see people getting into a car accident just because a little girl was screaming for her ball back. Mostly because they can't hear us [I know, god forbid!] or by the time they actually did heard us, they were already looking forward. We have not made a single person twist their head around their shoulder. Besides, people who actually noticed us was already slowing down to a stop or already at a stand still. 

-> It's easy to miss this, but every time I was glancing at the camera [notice how my eyes kept shifting to the road ahead], at least one of my hands was on the wheel [even at the bottom off screen]. And when I actually took my hands off the wheel, my eyes were usually watching the road. So, technically, I was still driving safely. 

"Side note: You two have become sort of infamous on 4chan with that video which is appearing on every "Autism" thread the board /v/, and also appearing 1st on a list someone made of Autistic videos, though you probably already know that."

This really does not surprise me, judging the number of times that we got half-assed insults thrown at us. But ya know what? I think it's great that even supposedly claimed "trolls" is still enjoying the video. Why else would they still be posting and watching that stupid video? It's in no way of a short film to watch; 10 minutes is pretty long time to watch a YouTube video of two college student acting retarded for entertainment. Who would've thought that fateful day of us wanting to record buying a large amount of foam to use in craft projects would be something memorable? :3
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